Bitlife – Life Simulator Complete Guide to Gameplay and Achievement

Bitlife is a mobile game with text based contest and it is one of a complex game in the Android and iOS devices. Amazing thing about game is that players can do lot of things in game just like they are living in real life but in the mobile game. The developers have tried to make the game very simple and easy so every gamer can understand it in better way. There are many important things in game and to know about it you can check Bitlife hack for proper guidance or read below –

Guide for achievement

In the game gamers have to give the right answer and on that base next question will be come out and that can be random and no one knows it. The game is works ads the real life story if gamer gives the genuine information. The game is designed in that way which asks the questions as per your answers and there are many chapters in the game and all of them are related to person’s life.

In the beginning of the game have to fill their information and name after that real will work as a real life gamer in it that controls the game from outside. There are so many chapter are in game and completing them will rewarded as a ribbon and in game there are more up to 30 ribbons –

·         Famous ribbon

·         Family guy ribbon

·         Fertile ribbon

·         Academic ribbon

·         Addicted ribbon

·         Successful ribbon

·         Thief ribbon

There are many more ribbons and achieving all those gives you a fame that every person wants in life. Doing everything right and good can make a man popular. To know more about game you can now check it on Bitlife hack as well it’s absolutely safe to watch.