War Robots Review – Overview & Important Tips

War Robots review – overview & important tips

Limited resources in the game have been the biggest reason why hacking tools come into existence. Due to this, players started using cheats code in the form of applications. Instead of wasting time playing hard levels, again and again, they choose to go for gold coin generators to get over shortage or resources. Apart from hack tools, players do seek for tips that give them an idea of the shortcuts. War Robots isn’t just an action game, but strategies along with proper planning are required to play the game.

The content is going to be a guide that let you know the important tips & tricks of the game but before that, let’s have an overview of it:

War Robots review

The game is designed and developed by Russian developer Pixonic. Because it has MMO mode, multiple players can play this game together. The game run on a multiplayer system (live) plus its automated features are very impressive. Players have been scanned by the game once you entered in the game. Beacons are the essence of the game as the entire game revolves around the beacon holding ability of a player.

Both the teams need to battle with each other, and if any of the opposing team members are standing near the beacon, then it becomes inaccessible. The top priority of players is to collect as many coins as they can because it helps them with the drained bars. The team with less collected beacons become week, and their opponent gets stronger.

War Robots – strategy guide

The guide let you know good strategies to use while playing the game. Apart from generators or hack tools, the following tips make a smart player. Let’s get it started:


Players start moving as soon as the countdown started but this mistake results in defeat. Players have to stay still until the countdown finishes. However, players are allowed to pan the camera which let you know the position of beacons plus who will approach it first. Observe the robots as well as weapons and make a small strategic plan during these 15 seconds of the countdown.

Keep your eye War Robots Hack on beacons

The winner and the looser are determined by the number of beacons captured by either of the teams. The team with more beacons wins however you have to collect it before the countdown gets expired. Apart from this, color bar plays also plays an important role and if it depletes faster when you are in trouble. You must consider this essential tip because it decides your fate in the game.

Always have a plan B

There is nothing like perfect plan especially when you are in the middle of the battle. So, always have a plan B which means be ready to change the plan if necessary. Also, consider beacon bar indicators along with beacon bars and the use tactics.

The “War Robots review” content has included everything a War Robot player should know. These tips make you a better player, and you can collect more beacons as well.