What qualities make a person good parenting material?

Parenting is a child raising process, which promotes the child mentality as well as physically in the right path — developing a child emotionally and socially so that they can always stay on the correct way. Good parenting involves a great deal of love and consistency, which gives a sense of control to a child. This process consists of the development of the mind and the physical appearance of a child.  

Different ways of parenting 

Authoritarian– in this process, parents are stricter, and they do not like to light up the rules for their children’s. They believe that by remaining harsh to their child will help them in shaping their future and their behavior in the right way. Therefore, they will then approach their life in a very positive manner. Parents in this process tend to be less responsive, and their children will be less tentative.

Authoritative- this process involves more communication and harmony towards their child. It gives more independence and balance between child and parents on a very higher note. They want their child to be more socially responsible and self-regulated. Therefore making them more accountable and making them more adjustable in nature and sense of independence in their children’s mind and heart.  

Permissive- this type of parents profoundly cares about a child’s creativity and sense of harmony towards others. They demand their child be polite and more careful toward other humans. They also install a sense of responsibility in their child toward nature and animals. They give more freedom to the child for expressing themselves, which creates a positive attitude and confidence in a child from a very young age.