WWE Mayhem – Strategy Guide For Beginners

WWE Mayhem – Strategy Guide For Beginners   

WWE Mayhem officiall page  is one of the top trending developments of reliance big entertainment that is offered for Android and iOS devices. This is a freemium game that players can download without paying a single penny. In this game, players can enjoy the gameplay in different modes that have unique and addictive features.  When this comes to its plentiful modes then the name of event mode comes to the brain first. This is a popular mode that allows the players to win plenty of good rewards and resources. Most of the players prefer to choose this mode to play rather than the others. By playing in this mode, they can grab unlimited resources and rewards that can make the game easier. Additionally, the game features also offer some log in rewards for the players that they can grab after opening the game on regular basis.

 Choose the level of difficulty

The most interesting thing about this game is that you are free to choose the difficulty level as according to your desire. There are different levels present and you just to need to pick the one to start playing the game. Beginners can start with the easy level and it can help them to learn the techniques to play the game. After this, they can change the level and go for the medium difficulty level or the hard one as according to their desire. In this way, they can enjoy the game as according to their own choices which are really an amazing thing. The thing which you should know is that at the easy level, the rewards are also low as compared to the other level. Moving further, the rewards for the medium level are average and you can get higher rewards by choosing the option of hard level in the game. In order to compete on the difficulty levels, you should make efforts or to follow some general tips and tricks with WWE Mayhem Cheats 2018.

Purchase the boosters

If you are playing this game then you may also know about the fact that it is important to purchase boosters before going to compete in any match. There are many boosters present that are classified into three parts and players can only use these boosters for a single time. These three boosters are named as heal, upgrade and boost and these all have their own importance. Players should try out all these boosters in the game to enhance the speed and also for surviving in the game for a long time.  If you are competing in the battles and also about to die then you just need to use heal that can help you to revive the superstars. The second booster is upgrade that is beneficial for improving the skills powers and all. The last one is boost which is used to boost each and everything in the game. Players should consider all of the three boosters in order to perform efficiently in the game.

Importance of resources

There are plenty of resources that are playing a crucial role and also required for many purposes. When it comes to the essential components then the name of energy can’t be ignored. This is an essential thing present in the game that is required to play every match in the game whether it is a story or versus mode. As you all know that energy can be generated automatically after a specific period of the time. Players also have an option to refill the energy by using the energy tokens that players can obtain in the game or also purchase by investing their real life money.